About Us

Welcome to Trail Cam Rookies!

Founded by Rohan and a passionate team of outdoor enthusiasts, our mission at Trail Cam Rookies is simple: empower new and novice trail camera users with the knowledge and insights they need to fully harness the power of their cameras.

We remember the excitement of setting up our first trail camera and the anticipation of capturing those magical moments of nature. However, with the excitement came questions, challenges, and a need for trustworthy advice. Realizing the gap in comprehensive resources dedicated to those just starting their trail camera journey, Trail Cam Rookies was born.

Our team’s collective experience brings together a rich blend of photography expertise, wilderness appreciation, and technical know-how. This allows us to offer our community a unique perspective – combining the technical side of trail cameras with the art of capturing nature’s candid moments.

Here’s what you can expect from Trail Cam Rookies:

  • Beginner-friendly guides: Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of cellular trail cameras or knowing the best placement for optimum wildlife shots, we’ve got you covered.
  • Product Reviews: Making informed decisions gets a lot easier with our honest, in-depth reviews of trail cameras and related accessories.
  • Tips and Tricks: Learn from our mistakes, discoveries, and aha moments. We regularly share tips that can elevate your trail camera game.

Here’s to capturing the unseen, the unexpected, and the utterly breathtaking!

Warm regards, Rohan & the Trail Cam Rookies Team