GardePro X50 Trail Camera Review – 2023 Night Vision Disruptor!

GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera – A Comprehensive Look at a Game Changer in Wildlife Monitoring


The wilderness holds secrets that are often left unexplored. Yet, with the advent of trail cameras, the unseen life of the wild is now within our grasp. These remarkable gadgets have become the eyes of explorers, hunters, and homeowners seeking to secure their premises. They capture moments in time, revealing the hustle and bustle of nature’s dwellers.

Enter GardePro, a brand that’s been making waves in the trail camera arena. With a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable gadgets, it’s carved a noteworthy position in the market. GardePro is synonymous with innovation, always a step ahead in merging technology with nature’s exploration.

Among its illustrious lineup is the GardePro X50 trail camera, a device that epitomizes the blend of advanced tech and practical utility. This gadget isn’t just a trail camera; it’s a reliable companion for wildlife enthusiasts, a vigilant eye for hunters, and a steadfast guard for homeowners. It’s like having your very own wilderness detective, working round the clock to deliver crisp images and videos of the unseen.

Now, what makes the GardePro X50 a gem in the rough? It’s the myriad of features packed in a sleek design. From real-time image transmission via 4G LTE connectivity to high-definition image capture, it’s a trail camera that stands tall in a crowded market. Its user-friendly interface makes setup a breeze, even for the less tech-savvy. And let’s not forget its ability to brave the elements with a robust build quality.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the technicalities, user experiences, and comparisons that set the GardePro X50 apart from the rest. So, whether you’re a seasoned hunter, a wildlife enthusiast, or someone looking to up the ante in home security, there’s a slice of the wild waiting for you in the GardePro X50 trail camera review. Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s embark on this wild ride together!

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GardePro X50 Celluar Trail Camera

  • 3G/4G LTE
  • 32MP / 1080p
  • Innovative Lite Video
  • 0.1s Trigger Speed

Technical Specifications and Features: Unveiling the Powerhouse that is GardePro Cellular Trail Camera X50

Stepping into the technical realm of the GardePro X50, you’ll find a treasure trove of features packed in this sleek gadget. Let’s unfold the magic, shall we?

Camera Quality

The GardePro X50 doesn’t skimp on image quality. Boasting a 32MP lens, this device captures the wilderness in a clarity that’s nothing short of breathtaking. Whether it’s the break of dawn or the dead of night, the 1080p HD video recording snags every movement in crisp detail. It’s like having a high-definition window into the wild, right in your pocket.

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A Glimpse with Lite Video Feature

The GardePro X50’s Lite Video Feature is a standout, elevating it above many cellcam manufacturers. Unlike others that offer a mere 3-picture burst preview or make you request a video, GardePro lays out the entire video for preview. It’s a peek into the wild, letting you decide if you wish to download or request that particular video.

This feature is not just a data-saver, but a user-centric approach, allowing a more engaging wilderness experience. It’s about choice and interaction, making your wild explorations both intriguing and fulfilling.

In the cellcam arena, this feature places GardePro a cut above, enhancing your wild ventures one preview at a time. With the GardePro X50, you’re not just capturing the wild, you’re immersing in it, one preview at a time.


In today’s world, staying connected is the name of the game. The GardePro X50 leaps ahead with its 4G LTE connectivity. It’s not just about snapping pictures; it’s about sharing them in real-time.

Compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile networks, this trail camera ensures you’re always in the loop, no matter where you are. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, minus the calories!

Trigger Speed

In the wild, timing is everything. A fraction of a second can mean the difference between capturing an epic wildlife scene or just the tail end of a deer. With a trigger speed of 0.1s, the GardePro X50 ensures you never miss a beat.

Its sensors have a detection range of up to 85 feet, scanning the surroundings tirelessly for any movement. It’s not just a camera; it’s your eyes in the wild, always on the lookout.

Cellular Functionality and Real-Time Monitoring

Ever dreamt of a device that not only captures the wild but brings it straight to your smartphone? Well, dream no more! The GardePro X50 trail camera is your ticket to real-time wildlife monitoring, no matter where you are. Thanks to its 4G LTE connectivity, you’re not just snapping pictures; you’re receiving them hot off the lens. It’s like having your personal wildlife channel, only without the ads!

Now, let’s chat about its Auto-Connect feature. The X50 isn’t just smart; it’s brilliant. It scans and latches onto the strongest LTE network available, ensuring your connection to the wild remains unbroken. It’s not just about staying connected; it’s about getting the best signal out there. This feature paves the way for flexible and cost-effective data plans, making wildlife monitoring a breeze rather than a financial squeeze.

But wait, there’s more! The X50 comes with a pre-installed SIM card. No more fumbling with tiny SIM trays or puzzling over network providers. It’s all set and ready to roll.

In the United States, it cozies up with AT&T and T-Mobile. Over in the United Kingdom, it’s chums with O2, Three, and Vodafone. In Canada, it hangs out with Bell Mobility and Rogers, while down under in Australia, it buddies up with Optus Mobile and Telstra Mobile. It’s like having a universal passport to the wild, accessible from various corners of the globe.

And here’s the cherry on top: you can customize how you receive the photos. Whether you want them delivered in real-time or at regular intervals, the choice is yours. It’s all about catering to your wildlife monitoring needs, making the X50 a personalized window to the wilderness.

The GardePro X50 isn’t just a trail camera; it’s your real-time pass to the heart of nature, a blend of modern connectivity with the primal beauty of the wild. With each beep, it beckons you to peek into the wilderness, unveiling the untamed, one image at a time.

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Gardepro App Integration

Dive into the digital control room of the GardePro X50 with the intuitive GardePro App. This app is not just a remote control; it’s your personal wildlife monitoring station, right at your fingertips. Now, let’s unravel the digital strings that make this camera a modern-day marvel.

With the X50’s knack for hopping onto various 4G cellular networks, missing out on the wilderness action is a thing of the past. The moment it snaps a photo or records a video, off they go straight to the Amazon cloud. So, whether you’re lounging at home or on the move, a tap on the GardePro App brings the wild to you. It’s like having a direct line to Mother Nature, always open, always thrilling.

Now, who doesn’t love real-time alerts? With the X50 and the GardePro App, every new capture sends a buzz to your phone. It’s not just about viewing the wild; it’s about experiencing it as it unfolds. Whether a deer prances by the camera or a bird takes flight, you’re the first to know. It’s your personal wildlife news feed, sans any subscription!

But hey, we all have our favorites. And the GardePro App knows that. Fancy that sunrise photo or the video of a fox on a midnight prowl? Download them in HD straight to your phone. It’s not just about watching; it’s about keeping those moments that take your breath away.

The “Transfer on Each Capture” feature is the real game-changer for those who crave real-time monitoring. Enable it, and voila, every capture zooms straight to your phone. But, a word to the wise, frequent uploads can be a bit thirsty on the battery. It’s a small trade-off for a seat at the live show of the wild, right from the comfort of your couch.

The GardePro App is more than just an accessory to the X50; it’s the bridge that brings the wild to your world, in real-time, in high definition, and with a personal touch. It’s not just about observing nature; it’s about interacting with it, on your terms, at your pace. So, ready to take the wild in your hands?

GardePro X50 Celluar Trail Camera

3G/4G LTE Game Cameras, 32MP 1080p, Innovative Lite Video, 0.1s Trigger Speed, 85ft Night Vision

Battery Life and Storage Options

In the heart of nature, the GardePro X50 stands as your vigilant eye, and like any vigilant watcher, it requires a steady supply of power to keep the show running. Let’s delve into how this trail camera stays juiced up and ready to capture the wilderness, whether the sun shines bright or the clouds hang low.

Dual Power Supply

The GardePro X50 comes with two power supply options, giving you the flexibility to choose according to your needs. You can power it up using eight distinct 1.5V AA batteries or align eight batteries in parallel to muster a cumulative voltage of 12V. It’s all about ensuring the camera has a steady flow of power to keep the wilderness insight, come what may.

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Power Management

Now, here’s where things get interesting. The X50 has a keen sense of power management. If the voltage dips below 10V, the night vision bids adieu, ensuring that the remaining power is utilized efficiently. And if the power falls below 9.2V, the camera takes a breather, preserving the remaining juice for when it’s needed the most.

Backup Power Supply

But what about those unexpected power hiccups? The X50 has got that covered too. You can hook up both the AA batteries and an external power supply simultaneously. If the external power decides to play truant, the AA batteries jump into action, ensuring the camera stays on duty. The high-voltage power supply is the go-to, with the AA batteries as the loyal backup. It’s like having a vigilant guard with a loyal sidekick, always ready to step in.

External Power Input

And speaking of external power, the X50 sports a DC 12V input (plug: 5.5×2.1mm) snugly positioned at the bottom. This little portal allows you to connect the camera to an external AC power supply or even a solar panel. It’s not just about keeping the camera powered; it’s about giving you the options to do it your way.

Storage Capacity

Amidst all this, let’s not forget the treasure trove of wildlife moments the X50 collects. With support for SD cards up to 512GB, storage woes are a thing of the past. That’s a vast expanse to store the wild in digital pixels, always ready for you to revisit and relive.

Power management and ample storage are the unsung heroes behind the GardePro X50’s prowess in bringing the wild to you. They ensure that every moment, every movement is captured and stored, ready for your eyes, anytime, anywhere. So, whether it’s a weekend expedition or a long-term installation, the GardePro X50 is powered up and ready to bring the wild to your world.

Field of View and Night Vision

The wild doesn’t sleep, and neither does the GardePro X50. With a 70° field-of-view angle, it captures a broad swath of the wilderness, day or night. And speaking of night, the 100ft night vision range means the camera sees in the dark, almost like it has its own set of night goggles. Whether it’s a herd of deer grazing under the moon or a fox on a midnight prowl, the X50 captures it all. It’s your nocturnal eye in the wild.

The GardePro X50 isn’t just a trail camera; it’s an extension of your curiosity, a technological bridge between you and the wild unknown. With every beep, it invites you to step closer to nature, to see the unseen, and to explore the unexplored. It’s not just about pictures; it’s about stories waiting to be discovered. So, let’s keep the exploration alive, one click at a time!

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The Triple Watchmen: Exploring the 3 PIR Sensors of GardePro X50

As we delve deeper into the digital wild that the GardePro X50 unfolds, let’s shine a light on one of its standout features – the trio of Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors. These are your silent watchmen, standing guard to capture the rhythm of the wild. Let’s explore how these unsung heroes contribute to your wildlife monitoring adventure.

Threefold Detection

The GardePro X50 is equipped with three PIR sensors. Now, why three, you ask? Well, it’s all about widening the eyes on the field. With three sensors, the X50 casts a wider net of detection, ensuring nothing slips by unnoticed. Whether a swift fox dashes past or a slow snail makes its way, the trio is on the lookout. It’s about capturing the wild in its full spectrum, in its haste and its pause.

Sensitivity Tuned to Nature

Each PIR sensor is finely tuned to pick up the heat signatures of moving objects. This is nature’s cue to the X50, signaling action on the field. The moment a warm-bodied creature steps into the frame, the sensors spring into action, triggering the camera to capture the scene. It’s like having a dedicated wildlife photographer, waiting for the perfect shot, come rain or shine.

All-Angle Monitoring

The beauty of having three PIR sensors lies in the angle coverage. While one takes the front, the other two cover the sides, forming a vigilant trio that monitors a broader area. This design ensures that whether the action happens front and center or sneaks in from the side, it’s caught on camera. It’s about leaving no stone unturned, or in this case, no leaf unwatched.

Uninterrupted Vigil

In a realm where action unfolds in the blink of an eye, the continuous vigil of the PIR sensors is your ticket to not missing a beat. They stand guard tirelessly, day and night, come calm or storm, ensuring your window to the wild remains open and vibrant.

The 3 PIR sensors are not just technical features; they are the essence of how the GardePro X50 bridges the gap between you and the untamed wilderness. They are the unsung heroes that work behind the scenes, under the sun and moon, to bring the wild to your fingertips, via the GardePro App.

Other Features

But wait, there’s more! The GardePro X50 is not a one-trick pony. Its invisible flash ensures your camera remains a secret observer, not disturbing the natural behavior of wildlife. The IP66 waterproof rating means come rain or shine; this gadget stands resilient. And the external power supply option? It’s the cherry on top, ensuring your camera stays juiced up for every adventure that awaits.

The GardePro X50 trail camera is a concoction of robust features marinated in cutting-edge technology. Each specification is tailored to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and security-conscious homeowners. It’s more than just a camera; it’s your ticket to exploring the wilderness like never before. So, the next time you’re out on the trail, remember, with the GardePro X50, you’re never alone. The wild just got a little less wild, and a lot more accessible.

Trail Cameras: The GardePro X50 vs The Rest

Stepping into the realm of trail cameras is like opening a new window to the wild. Among the myriad of options, the GardePro X50 has been my trusted companion on many a wilderness escapade. But how does it fare against other popular trail cameras out there? Let’s dive into a comparative analysis based on key performance metrics: trigger speed, image quality, Field of View and Night Vision, connectivity, and app functionality.

Trigger Speed

The GardePro X50 sports a lightning-fast 0.1-second trigger speed, capturing the swift deer or the fleeting bird before they scamper out of sight. In contrast, some other models like the GardePro X20WF and X20 lag with a 0.5-second trigger speed, often missing the crucial moment​1​.

Image Quality

With a 32MP camera, the X50 delivers crisp, clear images, each pixel narrating a tale of the wild. However, its siblings, the X60PMB and X60P, outshine with a whopping 48MP, offering a richer visual narrative​1​.

Field of View and Night Vision

A 70-degree field of view (FOV) on the X50 offers a broad canvas to capture the wild, though the X20WF and X20 stretch it further with a 110-degree FOV​1​. As the sun dips, the X50’s night vision range of 100ft ensures the wilderness saga continues unhindered into the night, a feature not to be found in every trail camera.


The cellular connectivity of the X50, with its 4G LTE prowess, keeps you in the loop with real-time updates. While other cameras also boast cellular connectivity, the X50’s automatic network selection and pre-installed SIM card are noteworthy.

App Functionality

The GardePro Mobile app is akin to having a remote control to the wild. Real-time alerts, easy downloading of HD photos and videos – it’s all there. This intuitive app functionality is not a common find in many trail cameras, making the X50 a more user-friendly choice.

Customer Reviews

After scouring the web for realistic reviews, we’ve gathered a balanced perspective on the GardePro X50 trail camera. Here are the pros, cons, and key points to note based on the user feedback provided.


  • Long Battery Life: The camera impressed many with its ability to run for an extended period on a single set of batteries, even through challenging weather conditions.
  • Picture and Video Quality: Many users praised the high resolution and picture quality, particularly appreciating the clarity in night vision mode.
  • Trigger Speed: The rapid trigger speed and motion tolerances were lauded for capturing fleeting wildlife moments accurately.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: At around $100, users found the camera to provide good value for money, comparing favorably with other big-name camera brands.
  • Ease of Use: Users appreciated the intuitive interface and straightforward setup process, making it easy for even first-time trail camera users.
  • Night Range: The night vision range was praised for its ability to capture clear images and videos even from a distance.


  • Durability Issues: Some users reported durability issues like a broken clasp, affecting the camera’s usability.
  • Connectivity and App Syncing: A few users experienced problems with connectivity and syncing pictures or videos to the app, leading to a less than satisfactory user experience.
  • Picture Quality Consistency: While some praised the picture quality, others found it lacking, particularly in terms of the images not living up to the advertised quality.
  • Customer Service: Discontent was expressed over unresponsive customer service, which left some users in a lurch when facing technical issues.
  • Privacy Concerns: The requirement to send photos through the manufacturer’s servers raised privacy concerns for some users.
  • HD Video Uploading Issue: If you have more than one camera on an app account, the second camera might face issues uploading HD videos to the server.

Final Verdict – GardePro X50 Trail Camera

The GardePro X50 stands tall in a crowd of trail cameras, particularly shining in terms of trigger speed, night vision, and app functionality. It’s like having a vigilant friend in the wilderness, always ready to share the wonders it witnesses. While there are cameras with a higher pixel count or wider FOV, the balanced performance across various parameters makes the X50 a reliable companion for your wildlife adventures.

FAQ Section

What makes the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera a standout choice in 2023?

The GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera is lauded for its impressive 0.1s trigger speed, Lite Video technology, and ability to send pictures to your cell phone instantly, making it a top contender for the best trail camera of 2023.

How does the night vision feature work on the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera?

The night vision feature is facilitated by adaptive infrared LEDs, ensuring clear imagery even in close range and low light conditions, without startling wildlife.

Can I view and download videos remotely with the GardePro X50?

Yes, with Lite Video technology, you can preview videos on the “GardePro Mobile” app and choose to download them just like downloading pictures, ensuring you never miss a remarkable wildlife moment.

How does the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera integrate with 4G LTE networks?

The camera automatically connects to AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE networks, providing real-time updates and making it a notable 4G cellular trail camera in the market.

What is the significance of the 0.1s trigger speed on the GardePro X50?

The 0.1s trigger speed ensures fast motion detection, capturing every movement the moment an animal enters the central view, offering a superior game camera experience.

How does the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera compare with the Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera and the Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera?

Unlike others, the GardePro X50 boasts a built-in 2.4-inch color screen, Lite Video technology, and operates seamlessly on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks, elevating its status in the cellular trail camera domain.

Is the data plan cost-effective for the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera?

Yes, the GardePro X50 offers flexible data plans, allowing users to choose a plan that suits their needs, making wildlife monitoring more affordable and accessible. The basic plan costs $7 per month which includes 500 Photos /Month OR 5,000 LiteVideo(sec.)/Month

How do I set up and install the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera?

Installation is user-friendly. You can set up the camera using the built-in 2.4-inch color screen or via the GardePro Mobile app, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

How does the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera ensure clear imagery and videos?

With a 1080p resolution for videos and smart night vision, the GardePro X50 captures crisp imagery and videos, day or night, making it a reliable choice for wildlife enthusiasts.

Can I control the GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera remotely?

Yes, with the GardePro Mobile app, you can control and manage your camera from anywhere, making it a convenient choice for remote wildlife monitoring and security purposes.

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