Best Game Camera with Live Feed to Phone: 10 Picks for 2024!

Ultimate Guide to Game Cameras with Live Feed to Phone in 2024

Game cameras have evolved remarkably over the years, offering hunters and wildlife enthusiasts a pair of eyes in the wilderness even when miles away. The recent marvel in this evolution is the ability of game cameras to provide live feeds directly to your phone. This feature is not just a fancy addition but a substantial upgrade. It breaks the chains that tethered individuals to their cameras through physical SD cards, offering real-time insights into the activities happening in the monitored areas. 

The convenience of real-time streaming to phones is undeniably a game-changer. It’s like having a remote control to a window that opens up to nature, anytime, anywhere. With a game camera having live feed features, you don’t have to wait until your next trip to the woods to know what’s happening. Whether it’s tracking game, monitoring your property, or just basking in the live scenes of nature from your couch, the real-time feed brings the wilderness to your fingertips.

The essence of this article is to guide you through the maze of choosing the right game camera with live streaming features. In the subsequent sections, you’ll be introduced to top-rated models, their features, and how they compare against each other. Also, you’ll learn about the setup process, the applications, and tips to get the most out of your game camera.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter, a property owner looking for a security solution, or a wildlife enthusiast, finding the right game camera with a live feed to your phone will elevate your monitoring game to a new level.

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Top-Rated 2024 Game and Trail Cameras with Live Feed to Phone

1 – Meidase P90 Pro Trail Camera

The Meidase P90 Pro excels in live feed capabilities due to its seamless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth, paired with an intuitive phone app making photo transfers to your phone effortless.

Its Sony sensor ensures impressive 48MP image and HD video quality, while a super wide 120-degree view angle captures a broad scene.

The external antenna provides a reliable, strong connection ensuring uninterrupted live feed. Moreover, with its rugged IP66 waterproof build, it’s designed to endure tough conditions, making it a reliable choice for real-time monitoring through your phone in any weather.

Our Top Pick
  • Live Stream to Cell Phone
  • Cutting-edge Sony sensor
  • 48MP still images and H.264 1080p or 1296p video

2 – Moultrie Mobile Edge

The Moultrie Mobile Edge trail camera offers Easy Connectivity with Auto Connect technology, ensuring a strong and seamless network connection.

It provides Streamlined Memory through built-in and unlimited cloud storage, eliminating the need for SD cards. Its self-managing Effortless Storage auto-clears space for new captures.

The camera captures Stunning Game Shots with a top-tier sensor delivering sharp 33MP photos & HD 720p videos day and night. Its enhanced IR LED setup brightens the night for clear captures up to 80 feet.

With flexible power options, Easy Setup via QR code scanning, and a 2-year warranty, it assures a hassle-free and reliable user experience.

  • Easy Connectivity with Auto Connect Technology
  • 33MP photos & HD 720p
  • 2-year warranty

3 – Bushnell CelluCORE 20 Solar Trail Camera

The CelluCORE 20 Solar Trail Camera has an integrated solar panel for extended battery life and a detachable feature for optimal sun exposure.

It delivers Crystal Clear Imagery with 20MP resolution, capturing minute details. The Dual SIM configuration ensures strong cellular network connectivity with AT&T or Verizon.

With a Rapid Trigger Speed of 0.2 seconds, it captures swift wildlife movements effortlessly.

It’s compatible with OnX Hunt, allowing seamless tracking and predicting of Whitetail movements by integrating Bushnell cellular trail cams with your onX hunt account, centralizing images and info in one app for better hunting experiences.

  • Integrated Solar Panel
  • Works with OnX Hunt: Tracking and Predicting Whitetail Movements
  • Dual SIM Configuration

4 – Camojojo Trace

The Camojojo Trace trail camera offers real-time HD video delivery and live streaming to your phone via AT&T’s reliable connectivity, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Its 1080P video and high-resolution photos coupled with an 80° wide-angle lens allow extensive area coverage. NFC facilitates effortless setup, while the built-in SIM and 32GB SD card offer sufficient storage.

Advanced night vision and animal recognition amplify its monitoring capabilities. It’s also outdoor-ready with an IP66 rating for water and dust resistance, ensuring operational integrity in various weather conditions.

This device is backed by a dedicated 24/7 phone customer service for any assistance needed.

  • Live Stream and Instant Video Delivery
  • NFC Equipped for Easy Setup
  • Night Vision and Animal Recognition

5 – Spartan GoLive2 4G LTE

The GoLive 2 trail camera boasts a 96-degree wide-angle lens for broader coverage, ideal for open areas and security. Its user-friendly design includes a 2″ LCD, simple controls, and a built-in metal bracket for easy deployment.

Enjoy live streaming and on-demand photo capture via the Spartan app. Its carrier flexibility with smart-carrier switching ensures strong connectivity on Verizon and AT&T networks. Your data remains private and secure on US-based servers, using AWS technology.

Anti-theft GPS and solar connectivity options provide added security and power sustainability, making it a reliable choice for real-time monitoring and easy field setup.

  • 96°FOV Wide-Angle Live Stream
  • Anti-Theft GPS
  • Built-in Lithium

The camera is ideal for remote monitoring in off-grid areas, thanks to 4G connectivity and solar power. It offers a 2K 360° view, day or night, with panning and tilting capabilities.

Real-time notifications and video recordings are triggered by accurate motion detection, minimizing false alarms. Flexible storage options include a 32GB microSD card and basic Cloud service. The robust, waterproof design ensures reliable performance in harsh outdoor conditions.

Access and customization are easy via the Reolink App & Client and Alexa, making it a convenient and dependable choice for live feed to phone in varying environments.

  • 2K Live Video & Playback on Phone
  • Solar Powered Game Camera
  • Flexible Storage & Remote Access

7 – Ebitcam Cellular Trail Camera

This product offers seamless live feed to phone via 4G LTE in remote areas. Enjoy 2K live streaming and remote access using the UBox App.

Its solar panel and battery ensure continuous power, ideal for electricity-scarce wildlife areas. Intelligent motion detection minimizes false alarms while providing real-time alerts.

The camera boasts 360° coverage with clear day and night viewing, thanks to IR LEDs, 355° pan, and 100° tilt features. It’s also weather-resistant (IP65) and concealable for rugged outdoor use, making it a reliable choice for monitoring wildlife, farms, or other remote outdoor areas.

  • Remote Phone Access & 2K Live Streaming
  • Solar Powered Game Camera
  • 360° Full Coverage of Clear View Day and Night

8 – Spartan GoLive 4G LTE Trail Camera

This product’s live stream feature is a pioneer in the industry, offering up to 30 FPS HD Photo and Video directly to the app.

The carrier flexibility with affordable data plans, real-time remote settings update, and camera-sharing through the app bring a new level of control.

Anti-theft GPS and easy solar connection provide security and endless power supply. With all data stored in the US, privacy is assured.

This trail camera makes live feed to phone seamless, ensuring you stay connected to every moment captured, making it ideal for monitoring and sharing in real-time.

  • REAL DATA Rather Than by Photos
  • Innovative Anti-Theft GPS Feature
  • Privacy Protection Guaranteed

9 – Xega 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

This cellular trail camera is perfect for remote wild areas, providing connectivity via 4G cellular network.

Its solar panel and high-capacity battery ensure continuous operation without the need for manual recharging.

The 2K Super HD and 360° PTZ view provide detailed, wide-angle monitoring. Real-time motion alerts with 2-way audio and live video view through the UBox app enhance your monitoring experience.

The camera also offers convenient remote access, instant notifications, and the ability to share access with family, making it a reliable and efficient tool for keeping an eye on wildlife or securing outdoor properties.

  • 2K Super HD and 360° PTZ view
  • 2-way Audio and Live Video
  • Solar Powered

10 – COCGOO 4K Trail Camera

This camera offers live video streaming through an app, enabled by 4G network transmission for real-time monitoring.

Its thermosensitive sensing technology allows automatic high-definition capture of images and videos upon detecting motion.

The energy-efficient design ensures long standby time, while its infrared capability facilitates night-time shooting. It supports MMS/e-mail, and includes a 2.0-foot color LCD and sound recorder for ease of use.

The camera’s waterproof design, along with a massive storage capacity of 256GB and 30 pixel resolution, makes it adaptable for various outdoor and indoor surveillance applications, enhancing security and wildlife monitoring conveniently through your phone.

  • Thermosensitive Sensing Technology
  • 30 MP / 2160p
  • Wi-Fi Trail Camera

2) How To Choose the Best Game Camera with Live Feed

The key to a successful game camera setup with live feed is the network compatibility. Cameras use cellular networks to transmit live feed to your phone. It’s essential to ensure that the camera is compatible with the cellular network coverage in your hunting or monitoring area. Some cameras operate on 3G, 4G, or 5G networks, depending on the model and manufacturer​.

Choosing the Right Cellular Network

Often, the data plans for live streaming trail cameras are provided by the manufacturers and are separate from your current cell phone plan. This arrangement has its benefits. For instance, while your current provider might have strong signals in urban areas, the coverage might dwindle in remote regions where you plan to place your game camera.

Understanding the cellular coverage in your desired area is crucial. You can test this by taking a couple of cell phones, each from different providers like AT&T and Verizon, to the location and sending photos or texts to see the network’s performance​.


A higher resolution camera will provide clearer and more detailed images. This is particularly important if you plan on using the live feed for identifying animals or for security purposes.

Trigger Speed and Detection Range

The trigger speed is the time taken by the camera to capture a photo after sensing motion. A faster trigger speed ensures you don’t miss any crucial activity. On the other hand, detection range is the distance within which the camera can detect movement. A wider detection range allows for broader coverage of the area.

Battery Life

Battery life is a paramount consideration, especially for remote setups where frequent battery changes aren’t feasible. Some live feed game cameras are battery-powered, making them highly portable and suitable for remote locations. Solar-powered options are also available, providing a more sustainable power solution​.

Ease of Setup and Use

Game cameras should be easy to set up and use. Most modern game cameras offer user-friendly interfaces, and some even come with dedicated apps for your phone, making it easier to manage settings and view live feeds​.

Subscription Plans

Many cellular trail cameras require a subscription plan for transmitting data. The cost of these plans can vary, but on average, it’s around $8 for every thousand photos.

Some cameras offer the option to utilize cloud storage, providing an alternative method for storing and accessing images remotely​.

You can check the below articles to learn more about data plans:

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3) Setting Up Your Game Camera for Live Streaming

Step 1: Selecting a Cellular Provider

Choose a cellular provider compatible with the area you plan to place your camera. Test different providers’ signal strength by sending photos or texts from the location​1​.

Step 2: Choosing a Game Camera

Pick a game camera that supports live streaming to phone. Ensure it’s compatible with your cellular provider.

Step 3: Setting Up the Camera

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up your game camera. Download any necessary apps for live streaming.

Step 4: Testing the Network Signal

Test the network signal strength in the location where you plan to place the camera. Make sure it’s strong enough for live streaming.

Step 5: Installing the Software

Install any apps or software needed for viewing the live feed on your phone.

Step 6: Configuring the Settings

Configure the settings on your game camera and the app to ensure optimal live streaming performance.

Step 7: Placing the Camera

Position your game camera to cover the desired area. Ensure it’s securely mounted and properly oriented for the best viewing angle.

Step 8: Testing the Setup

Test the entire setup by viewing the live stream on your phone. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure a clear, stable live stream.

4) Practical Applications of Game Cameras with Live Feed

  1. Security: They serve as mobile alarm systems, notifying owners with live feeds during potential security situations, essentially acting as 24/7 remote security cameras​
    1. Ideal for Remote Monitoring: Game cameras with live feed are perfect for security applications due to their remote monitoring capability. They can be set up in isolated or off-grid areas to provide real-time surveillance without the need for electricity or internet.
    2. Instant Alerts: In case of a potential security threat, the camera sends instant alerts along with live footage, enabling timely responses.
  2. Wildlife Management: Particularly helpful in managing feral hog populations by allowing real-time monitoring and timely trap activations
    1. Real-time Monitoring: They provide real-time monitoring of wildlife, enabling timely interventions for wildlife conservationists, especially in managing invasive species like feral hogs.
    2. Cost-effective: Compared to traditional monitoring systems, they are cost-effective and easy to set up.
  3. Recreational Uses: Useful for water sports enthusiasts to remotely check lake conditions for activities like skiing or wakeboarding. They’re also applied in off-grid security scenarios
    • Lake Condition Monitoring: For water sports enthusiasts, these cameras allow for remote assessment of lake conditions ensuring safety before engaging in activities like skiing or wakeboarding.
    • Off-grid Security: Ideal for off-grid cabins, allowing owners to monitor their property in real-time, ensuring safety and security.

5) Tips for Maximizing Your Game Camera’s Performance

Ah, the great outdoors! It’s where every hunter finds peace. But to capture those magical wildlife moments, a game camera is your best buddy.

However, a misstep in its placement or maintenance, and you might just capture the blur of a deer’s tail, or worse, nothing. Let’s dive into some tips to ensure your game camera is performing at its peak, shall we?


  1. Orientation:
    • Aim the camera north to avoid the glare from sunrise or sunset. Trust me, squinting at washed-out images isn’t fun.
  2. Location:
    • Set up near food or water sources. Animals, much like us after a long day, head straight to the fridge (or the river)!
  3. Height:
    • Waist level’s good, but if you’re targeting a shy deer, go higher. They won’t see it coming!


  1. Quality Equipment:
    • Good batteries and memory cards are like the heart and brain of your game camera. Don’t skimp!
  2. Protection:
    • Camouflage your camera with some foliage. It’s a jungle out there, literally and figuratively!

Data Management:

  1. Memory and Battery Management:
    • High capacity cards mean fewer trips to the camera and less chance of scaring away your subjects.
  2. Settings Adjustments:
    • Tweak settings based on your scenario. Less is more when it comes to sensitivity on bait sites.

Seasonal Plans for Hunters:

  1. Early Season Scouting:
    • Scout game trails leading to food and water sources. It’s like reading the daily newspaper of the woods!

Tailoring your game camera setup to the seasons, and maintaining it well, is like setting up a date with Mother Nature. And who would want to stand her up? For detailed information on positioning your camera, check our article – How to Position Your Trail Camera for the Best Shots

6) Wrapping Up

In our wild adventure today, we’ve explored the wonders of a game camera with live feed to phone, shedding light on its diverse applications and the magic of real-time wildlife observation. Now, as you venture on to secure your property, trail cameras extend their vigil. Our journey into the wild transitions into guarding realms dear to us.

Discover how these silent sentinels keep a watchful eye in our blog “Exploring the 12 Best Trail Cameras for Security in 2023”. From the fast trigger speed of Moultrie to the live stream capabilities of Cellucore, find the guardian suited for your haven. Until our trails cross again, stay wild and secure!

7) FAQ Section

What are the key features to consider when choosing a cellular trail camera for live streaming in 2024?

Look for a cellular trail camera with live feed, good connectivity (Verizon or AT&T), high picture quality, easy setup, and the ability to capture high-quality images.

How do cellular trail cameras like Moultrie Mobile Edge and Bushnell Cellucore compare in terms of live streaming?

Moultrie Mobile Edge boasts easy setup and a dedicated app for live streaming, while Bushnell Cellucore offers dual SIM connectivity ensuring stronger cellular signal for uninterrupted live streaming.

How can a cellular trail camera help hunters who want to monitor game and wildlife?

Cellular trail cameras allow hunters to remotely view live feed, stay connected to the wildlife, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Which is better for live feed trail, a cellular camera or a standard trail cam in 2024?

A cellular trail camera offers live feed capabilities allowing you to view images and video remotely on your smartphone, making it superior for real-time monitoring compared to a standard trail cam.

How does the trigger speed of a game camera like Spartan affect the quality of live feed?

Faster trigger speed in game cameras like Spartan ensures that you capture essential moments swiftly, enhancing the quality and relevance of your live feed.

Why is connectivity crucial for a trail camera with live stream features?

Good connectivity ensures a steady live stream, allows the camera to send images and video to your phone promptly, and keeps you connected to your property or wildlife monitoring area.

How do the cellular trail cameras from Moultrie and Camojojo compare in terms of live stream video quality?

Both brands offer high-quality live stream video, but Moultrie might have an edge with its established reputation in trail camera technology.

Can I watch my trail camera live?

Yes, with a cellular trail camera with live feed or live stream feature, you can watch your trail camera live on your smartphone.

Can you use a trail camera as a security camera?

Absolutely! Trail cameras, especially those with live feed or live cellular trail capabilities, can be used as security cameras to monitor your property.

Do you need a cellular plan for a game camera?

For a game camera with cellular functionality, a cellular plan from providers like Verizon is necessary to access live feed and receive images and videos.

How to connect a game camera to phone?

Connecting a game camera to a phone usually involves installing the manufacturer’s app, like the Moultrie Mobile App, and following the setup instructions to pair your camera and phone.

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