Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera 12 MP Review: The Silent Watcher

Unveiling the Tasco Trail Camera – Low Glow 12 MP

In the realm of outdoor adventures and wildlife monitoring, having a reliable trail camera is a boon. Among the brands that resonate with quality, Tasco stands tall. It’s a name that has been synonymous with high-performance trail cameras for years. The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera, in particular, is a gadget every nature enthusiast or property owner might want to have a closer look at. In this article, we dive deep into what makes Tasco a trusted brand and the nifty features of the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera that make it a worthy companion for your outdoor ventures. By the end of this read, you’ll be well-versed with the key attributes of this gadget and why it deserves a spot in your next outdoor expedition.

The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is your silent sentinel in the wild. With its low glow technology, it captures the unseen, the unheard, and the unnoticed. Whether you’re a hunter, a wildlife enthusiast, or someone ensuring the security of your property, this camera won’t blink an eye, yet it’ll capture all the action seamlessly.

One of the key features of this trail camera is its ability to take clear photos and videos, be it day or night. The low glow technology ensures that the flash doesn’t startle the wildlife or alert trespassers on your property. The resolution is crisp, capturing the nuances of the wild or the misadventures of intruders with clarity.

The robust build of the camera ensures it stands up well to the elements. Come rain, snow, or the scorching sun, the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera holds its ground, continually serving its purpose. It’s not just a camera; it’s your eyes in the wild when you are miles away.

Battery life? It’s got a thumbs up in that department too. A trail camera that runs out of juice now and then can be a letdown. But worry not, with the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera, the batteries endure, ensuring you have a long-lasting vigil over your prized game or your cherished property.

Ease of setup is another feature that users rave about. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to get it up and running. It’s all straightforward, allowing you to focus more on what you love doing—exploring the wild or keeping a watchful eye over your domain.

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Product Information


Why Choose the Tasco 12 MP Low Glow Trail Camera?

Venturing into the wild or securing your cozy nest at home, the right trail camera is your third eye. Among the myriad options, the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera shines bright, but not too bright to scare off Bambi or alert the sneaky raccoon rummaging through your trash. Let’s delve into why this gadget is a worthy contender in the realm of trail cameras.

The Subtle Observer

One of the crowning glories of this camera is its low glow technology. Unlike its flashy siblings, this camera is the epitome of subtlety.

It captures the essence of the wild, the deer grazing in the moonlight or the elusive fox prowling in the shadows, all without a startling flash.

It’s like having a silent observer in your backyard or your hunting ground, documenting nature’s drama unfold, frame by frame.

Security Sentinel

On the flip side, if you’re more into playing the watchman, this camera is your vigilant buddy. It keeps an eagle eye on your property when you’re away, capturing anyone or anything that trespasses.

The low glow feature again plays a pivotal role, snapping shots of intruders without them knowing they’re being watched. It’s like having a silent but vigilant guard dog, minus the barking.

Affordability and Comparison

Now, let’s talk dollars and sense. In a market flooded with trail cameras boasting a spectrum of features, the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera holds its own, especially when it comes to affordability.

It’s a wallet-friendly option compared to some high-end trail cameras that might have you digging deep into your pockets.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re eyeing a trail camera from Brand X that’s priced at a small fortune but has similar features as our Tasco buddy. It makes you wonder, why break the bank? With Tasco, you’re not compromising on quality, yet you save enough for a nice dinner. It’s a win-win!

In an era where being tech-savvy is the new cool, having a trail camera that blends modern technology with affordability is a trend we’re here for.

The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is like the economical smartphone in a world of pricey iPhones.

TASCO Low Glow 12MP

  • 720P Video
  • 70FT Low Glow IR Flash
  • Crystal Clear 12 Mega Pixel Images

In-depth Review of Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera

Stepping into the wild or ensuring the safety of your haven, a trusty trail camera is your go-to gadget. Among the myriad of choices, the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera has made a mark. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of this gadget, shedding light on its design, image quality, battery life, and detection prowess.

Design and Build Quality

First impressions? The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is a sturdy piece of tech. Its camouflage design is not just a fashion statement, but a thoughtful feature that blends seamlessly with the wild, making it an inconspicuous observer.

The material? Oh, it’s built to endure the wrath of mother nature. Be it a torrential downpour or the blistering summer sun, this camera stands tall, thanks to its weatherproof features. It’s not just a fair-weather friend but a companion through every season.

Image and Video Quality

Now, let’s talk visuals. The resolution of this camera doesn’t disappoint. It captures the wild in its true essence, be it day or night. The night vision capability is like the cherry on top, enabling you to peer into the nocturnal world of wildlife.

Whether it’s a herd of deer grazing under the moonlit sky or a sneaky fox on the prowl, the camera captures it all in crisp clarity. The video quality too, is commendable at 720P. It’s like having a reel of nature’s drama unfolding right before your eyes, every day.

Battery Life and Storage

A trail camera that conks out mid-adventure is a bummer. Thankfully, the battery life of the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is robust.

It keeps the vigil long enough for you to get your desired captures. The types of batteries used are reliable, ensuring your camera stays awake while you sleep.

And storage? Well, with SD card compatibility, say hello to ample space for your wildlife chronicles. It’s like having a digital diary of your outdoor adventures.

Detection Circuit and Trigger Speed

The magic lies in its ability to sense the unseen. With a commendable detection range, it senses the slightest rustle, triggering the camera to life.

The trigger speed is swift, ensuring you don’t miss that fleeting moment of a rabbit hopping by or a bird taking flight.

The recovery time too, is quick, prepping the camera for the next shot in a jiffy. It’s like having a vigilant companion that never misses a beat, documenting every motion in the wild or on your property.

Setting Up Your Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera

Setting up your Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is as easy as pie, and I’m here to guide you through it. Let’s get your camera field-ready to start capturing the wilderness’s unseen drama or to keep a watchful eye over your precious property.

Step 1: Unboxing and Getting Acquainted

Once you unbox your new companion, take a moment to get acquainted. It’s a robust gadget with a straightforward design, making setup a breeze even for the novices out there. Hold it, feel its texture, and let the excitement of the adventures ahead brew.

Step 2: Inserting Batteries

Your camera needs juice to kickstart its vigil. Flip open the battery compartment and slide in the required batteries. Make sure to follow the polarity indicators to avoid any hiccups. It’s like giving your camera the caffeine it needs to stay alert.

Step 3: Mounting the Camera

Now, it’s time to find a perfect spot to mount your camera. Whether it’s a tree, a post, or your backyard fence, ensure it gives a clear vantage point to capture the area you wish to monitor. Adjust the angle to get a comprehensive view; it’s all about getting the right perspective.

Step 4: Setting Up the SD Card

Slide in an SD card to ensure all the captured moments have a place to reside. It’s your camera’s diary, documenting every movement in its line of sight.

Step 5: Navigating Through Settings

Now dive into the settings. Set the date, time, and toggle through the different modes available. Whether it’s for wildlife monitoring or property surveillance, tweak the settings to suit your specific needs. It’s like tuning a radio to catch your favorite station, clear and crisp.

Step 6: Test Run

Before you leave your camera to its duty, do a test run. Walk in front of it, check the captures, and ensure everything’s functioning as it should. It’s a rehearsal before the real show begins.

Tips for Optimizing Settings:

  • Wildlife Monitoring: Set the camera to a higher sensitivity to catch even the slightest movement. The wilderness is a bustling city in its own right, and you wouldn’t want to miss a thing!
  • Property Surveillance: Lower sensitivity might work better to avoid false triggers from leaves fluttering or shadows moving. You want to catch the real action, not the play of light and shadow.
  • Storage Management: Regularly check the SD card space and transfer the files to keep your camera ready for new captures. It’s about keeping the memory lane clear for more adventures to be recorded.

Remember, every setup is a step towards capturing moments, unraveling mysteries, or ensuring security. With your Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera all set, the world (or your backyard) is your oyster. Are you ready to explore the unseen, capture the unguarded, and secure the cherished? Your Tasco companion is ready when you are!

Customer Reviews


  • Budget-Friendly: Affordable price allows users to buy multiple units instead of investing in one expensive model.
  • Good Image Quality: Provides crystal clear 12MP images.
  • Ease of Setup: The setup menu is user-friendly, making it easy to get the camera up and running.
  • Mounting Convenience: Comes with a long strap and hooks for easier mounting.
  • Rechargeable Battery Compatibility: Despite the manual’s advice, users have successfully used rechargeable batteries.
  • Motion Detection Indicator: LED blinks when movement is detected, aiding in easy checking of the motion range and area.


  • Night Vision Issues: Some users reported that the camera failed to capture images at night, despite its infrared feature.
  • Compatibility Issues with Apple Products: Mixed reviews about compatibility with Apple products, with some users experiencing challenges.
  • Lack of Memory Card: Does not include a memory card, although they are relatively cheap to purchase separately.
  • Battery Holder Design: Some users found the battery holder difficult to remove.
  • No Camera Number on Images: The images don’t include the camera number set in the setup, which could cause confusion when managing images from multiple cameras.
  • No Battery Meter: Absence of a battery meter to indicate the remaining battery life may lead to unexpected downtimes.
  • Durability Concerns: Some users reported the camera stopped functioning after a short period of use.

Alternatives to Consider

While the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is a solid choice, the market is bustling with alternatives that might tickle your fancy. Let’s briefly skim through some other low glow trail cameras in a similar price bracket.

Wildgame Innovations Terra 8

The Terra 8 by Wildgame Innovations is a compact, no-nonsense trail camera. With a respectable 8MP image resolution and a less-than-one-second trigger speed, it’s quick on the draw. Its low glow technology keeps it discreet in the dark, much like a ninja in the night. It’s a reliable pick without a hefty price tag.

Moultrie A-25

Moultrie is a name that rings a bell in the trail camera market. The A-25 model boasts a 12MP image resolution, ensuring your captures are clear and detailed. Its low glow infrared flash has a reach of 60 feet, illuminating the unseen without startling the wildlife. It’s a blend of quality and affordability, much like getting a premium coffee at a diner price.

Stealth Cam PX12

Stealth by name, stealthy by nature. The Stealth Cam PX12 packs a punch with its 12MP image resolution and quick trigger speed. Its low glow flash technology keeps it undercover when the sun goes down. It’s like having a silent sentinel watching over your trails. A pocket-friendly price is the cherry on top.

Bushnell Trophy Cam

Bushnell is a trusted name in the optics world, and their Trophy Cam holds the flag high with its rugged design and reliable performance. The low glow technology ensures it stays invisible in the dark, capturing the nocturnal antics of wildlife or keeping a vigilant eye on your property. It’s a tad pricier but a worthy investment for the extra features it brings to the table.

Each of these alternatives has its own set of bells and whistles, with the common thread of low glow technology weaving them together. They all offer a sneak peek into the wild’s unseen world or an unblinking eye over your property without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, whether you stick with the Tasco or venture out to try something new, you’ve got options. It’s all about finding that perfect trail camera companion that suits your taste and budget.

And who knows? Maybe one of these alternatives will be your next go-to gadget for capturing the wild or keeping an eye on what’s dear to you. It’s a wild world out there, and having the right trail camera by your side is like having a backstage pass to nature’s unscripted show.

Final Verdict – Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera 12 MP

The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is a dependable companion for both wildlife enthusiasts and security-conscious property owners. Its low glow technology, robust build, commendable image and video quality, and user-friendly setup make it a stellar choice.

Grab your Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera here and make the most of the ongoing discount. It’s a deal that makes diving into the wilderness or securing your nest a budget-friendly adventure.

FAQ Section

Q1: What makes the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera a good choice for outdoor wildlife monitoring?

The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is optimized for outdoor wildlife monitoring thanks to its low glow technology which ensures it captures clear images without startling the wildlife. Its robust design and easy setup make it a go-to choice for both beginners and seasoned wildlife enthusiasts.

Q2: What is the image resolution of the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera?

The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera boasts a resolution of 12MP for photos, ensuring crisp and clear images. Additionally, it supports 720p video resolution, providing a decent quality for wildlife videography.

Q3: What is the flash technology used in this trail camera?

The camera utilizes a low glow IR flash which is great for night-time photography and videography without disturbing the wildlife or drawing attention when used for security purposes.

Q4: Can I buy a Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera on Amazon?

Yes, the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is available for purchase on Amazon.com. They often come in a 2 pack bundle, providing better value for money.

Q5: What is the storage capacity of the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera?

The camera supports a micro SD card of up to 32GB for storage, allowing you to capture multiple photos and videos during your outdoor scouting or wildlife monitoring adventures.

Q6: What type of batteries does the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera require?

The camera runs on 8 AA batteries, ensuring a prolonged battery life for extended use in the field. Note, the batteries are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately.

Q7: Is the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera suitable for property surveillance?

Absolutely! The low glow trail camera is perfect for property surveillance with its night vision motion activated technology. It remains incognito while capturing any intruders or unusual activities around your property.

Q8: How does the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera compare to other trail cameras in its category on Amazon?

The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera holds its own with its 12MP photo resolution, 720p video, low glow IR flash, and user-friendly setup. It’s priced competitively, making it a great choice compared to some other higher-priced models while still delivering reliable performance.

Q9: Is the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera suitable for beginners?

Yes, whether it’s a user’s first or tenth camera, the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera is easy-to-use with a straightforward setup process. It’s perfect for anyone looking to delve into outdoor wildlife monitoring or property surveillance without a steep learning curve.

Q10: What is the trigger time on the Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera?

The Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera boasts a fast trigger time, ensuring it captures motion swiftly as it happens, making it ideal for capturing fleeting moments in the wild or monitoring activity on your property.

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