What Trail Cameras Work With T-Mobile Sim Card? Top 9 Picks!

The wilderness is always full of surprises, and what better way to capture them than with trail cameras? Now, what trail cameras work with T Mobile is a question that has been buzzing among outdoor enthusiasts.

The answer lies in finding trail cameras with cellular capabilities, especially those compatible with a T-Mobile Sim Card. These gadgets not only snap pictures of wandering deer or lurking predators but send them straight to your phone, no matter where you are.

So, it’s like having extra eyes in the woods, with T-Mobile as your signal bearer. Stay tuned as we unveil nine top LTE cellular trail cameras that play well with T-Mobile.

Why T-Mobile Cellular Trail Camera?

When delving into the world of trail cameras, the question of what trail cameras work with T Mobile isn’t far behind. It’s all about the network coverage, folks. T-Mobile stretches its arms far and wide, ensuring your trail camera stays connected, even in the not-so-traveled paths. Imagine getting crisp images of a wandering elk or a fleeting fox on your phone, thanks to T-Mobile’s reliable coverage.

The benefits don’t just end at coverage; T-Mobile’s data plans won’t have you breaking the bank. So, while your trail camera is out there playing wildlife photographer, T-Mobile makes sure you get the front row seat, virtually!

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9 Top LTE Cellular Trail Cameras that Work with T-Mobile Sim Card

The “REOLINK KEEN Ranger” effortlessly earns a spot in our top T-Mobile compatible trail cameras due to its robust cellular connectivity and seamless solar-powered operation ideal for remote wildlife monitoring.

It boasts a 2K 360° coverage, ensuring sharp, clear images and videos, day and night. Real-time notifications, coupled with accurate motion detection, keep you informed and secure. Its flexible storage options, including a 32GB microSD card and cloud service, offer ample space for your adventures.

Despite the wilderness’s unpredictable conditions, its waterproof design ensures undeterred operation, making it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts and property surveillance.


  • Good image quality and night vision range.
  • Effective solar charging (in some cases).
  • T-Mobile network compatibility via Flexiboom or EIOTCLUB SIM cards.
  • Easy setup and app connectivity with REOLINK app
  • Preinstalled 32GB micro SD card.
  • Adjustable motion detection sensitivity.


  • Motion detection may require fine-tuning.
  • Occasional connectivity issues, affecting live streaming and notification features.
  • Some users experienced hardware issues like loose antenna connections.
  • Lag in live feed, and delay in sound.
  • SIM card requirement for cellular connectivity.
  • Solar charging may not be effective in overcast conditions.

Key Points

  • Solar panel aids in maintaining battery charge.
  • Cellular SIM card is essential for remote access and notifications.
  • Adjusting motion detection settings can help in reducing false alarms.
  • Picture and video quality may vary between live feed and SD card storage.
  • 4G LTE connectivity is preferable for smoother operation.

  • 2K 360° view day & night:
  • no-glow 940nm IR LEDs
  • PTZ Technology

2 – Oculview Cellular Trail Camera

The “Oculview Cellular Trail Camera” is a stellar addition to our list of top T-Mobile compatible trail cameras, thanks to its 360° live view and two-way talk feature, making wildlife and property monitoring interactive and expansive. Its smart detection technology, coupled with real-time notifications, keeps you informed on-the-go.

With 2K HD and color night vision, every detail is captured crisply, even in low light. Operating on 4G without the need for Wi-Fi and powered by a robust solar panel and rechargeable battery, it’s the epitome of convenience and reliability for every outdoor enthusiast or property owner.


  • Easy installation and user-friendly app.
  • High-quality image and video, with effective zoom and 360-degree control.
  • Reliable solar charging, reducing battery replacements.
  • Affordable cellular and cloud service rates.
  • Durable and versatile mounting options.


  • Cellular connectivity can be inconsistent, impacting video quality.
  • Motion detection can miss some activity, with no sensitivity adjustment.
  • Solar charging might not suffice in less sunny conditions.
  • Lack of phone support for quicker issue resolution.

Key Points:

  • Ideal for remote property or wildlife monitoring.
  • Two-way communication feature to deter unwelcome guests.
  • Users recommend purchasing despite minor flaws due to its cost-effectiveness and capabilities.
  • Good customer service as evidenced by proactive outreach to address user issues.
  • 360° Live View & Two-Way Talk
  • 2K HD And Color Night Vision
  • 355° pan, 100° tilt and 4X digital zoom

3 – Ebitcam Cellular Trail Camera

The Ebitcam Cellular Trail Camera secure a spot on our list of top T-mobile compatible trail cameras for their adept handling of remote and wilderness monitoring. Their packaged 4G SIM card provides seamless network connectivity in off-grid areas. With 2K live streaming and smartphone accessibility, monitoring wild areas, farms, or job sites becomes a breeze. The continuous power supply through a solar panel and battery, intelligent motion detection, and robust day and night video capturing capabilities make them a reliable choice for outdoor surveillance. Their 360° coverage ensures no blind spots, capturing the essence of wilderness in high-definition, making them a worthy inclusion in our list.


  • High-quality imagery and excellent night vision.
  • Effective motion detection and real-time alerts.
  • Solar panel keeps the battery charged.
  • Remote pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities.
  • Easy setup and user-friendly app.
  • Durable and weather-resistant.


  • Cellular package required post-trial period, incurring additional costs.
  • Some users experienced issues with cellular connectivity affecting camera operation.
  • Motion sensitivity might trigger false alarms.
  • The solar panel may not provide enough charge in less sunny or heavily shaded areas.
  • Delays and lags in live viewing and camera control observed, likely due to connectivity issues.

Key Points:

  1. Ensure a good cellular signal in the installation area for optimal performance.
  2. Get acquainted with the app and settings before installation.
  3. Consider the total cost including cellular and cloud service subscriptions.
  4. Clear nearby twigs or branches to reduce false alarms.
  5. The camera may require a sunny location to maintain battery charge via solar panel.
  • Remote Phone Access & 2K Live Streaming
  • 6W solar panel and a high-capacity battery
  • 360° Full Coverage of Clear View Day and Night

4 – SOLIOM 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

The SOLIOM 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera makes a compelling entry in our list of top T-mobile compatible trail cameras due to its robust 4G cellular connectivity, allowing for remote wildlife monitoring without the need for Wi-Fi.

Its instant mobile notifications and Ucon APP control provide real-time insights into wildlife activities. The camera boasts a high resolution of 24MP for pictures and 2.7K for videos, alongside a no-glow night vision feature ensuring clear imaging day and night.

With a broad 120° viewing range and a 65ft detection capability, coupled with a rapid 0.2s trigger time, this trail camera stands out for its comprehensive monitoring and quick response to motion, making it a reliable choice for both wildlife enthusiasts and security purposes.


  • Robust 4G connectivity for remote monitoring.
  • Battery-powered with optional solar charging, allowing placement in sunless areas.
  • User-friendly app for easy navigation and live view access.
  • Sturdy construction with a lock spot for security.
  • High-quality imaging with motion detection.


  • Short battery life, with initial batteries lasting only a few days.
  • Some users faced issues with false alerts and missed captures.
  • The app can be buggy and sometimes unresponsive.
  • Cellular plan required for maximizing camera capabilities.

Key Points:

  1. Camera supports both photo and video capturing to conserve battery life.
  2. Wide viewing range and motion detection for comprehensive monitoring.
  3. Easy setup and reliable customer support for troubleshooting.
  • Ucon APP Control
  • 24MP pictures & 2.7K video
  • 120°Wide range & 65ft Detection

5 – The BlazeVideo 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

The BlazeVideo 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera, with its unique cellular transfer feature utilizing a reliable 4G LTE module, easily made it to our list of top T-mobile compatible trail cameras.

It’s tailored for outdoor enthusiasts with its AT&T or T-Mobile network compatibility in the US, ensuring better coverage. The camera stands out with its easy app control for quick setup and image management, and superior image and video quality of 32MP and 1296P respectively.

The quick start feature, with a dedicated free app and included SIM card, alongside its excellent night vision, fast trigger speed, and sturdy waterproof design, further accentuates its appeal for wildlife monitoring and surveillance.


  • Easy to program.
  • Good quality pictures and night vision capability.
  • In-built hotspot for WiFi connection within a limited range.


  • WiFi functionality is limited to short distances, may not be connectable to home WiFi.
  • Slow connection and transfer speed to phone.
  • Drains batteries quickly; expensive to maintain battery power.
  • Lack of proper customer support and technical assistance
  • App lacks some user-friendly features like longer naming conventions and reliable notifications.

Key Points:

  1. Ideal for close range monitoring like home use or small urban backyards.
  2. Might face difficulties in connectivity and battery management over time.
  3. Ensure a thorough understanding of its WiFi and notification features before purchasing.
  • Easy-to-Use App Control
  • 32MP Still Image and 1296P Video
  • 940nm No Glow Infrared Technology

6 – Meidase S900 Cellular Trail Camera

The Meidase S900 Cellular Trail Camera is integrated with a reliable 4G LTE module, ensuring seamless connectivity with AT&T or T-Mobile networks in the US. Setting it up is a breeze with the dedicated Meidase Mobile App, and it comes with a free SIM card.

The innovative Lite Video feature provides a cost-effective way to view events without high data costs. Superior night vision technology guarantees clear images up to 100ft even in complete darkness. Its flexible and economical data plans offer a variety of options to suit different needs.

We included the S900 in our list for its innovative features and excellent network compatibility, ensuring you stay connected to the wilderness wherever you are.


  • Reasonably intuitive setup for those with some tech knowledge.
  • Excellent night vision, motion sensing, and picture clarity.
  • Remote control and customization via an app.
  • Good battery life when settings are optimized.
  • Clear 1080p video quality and audio feature.
  • Durable, with some cameras withstanding harsh weather conditions.
  • Affordable price and data plans.


  • Some technical glitches in settings and app.
  • Mechanical noise when taking pictures can deter wildlife.
  • No dedicated anti-theft features.
  • SD card formatting and file corruption issues.
  • Customer service and warranty support might be lacking.

Key Points 

  1. Be prepared to spend some time adjusting settings to get them just right.
  2. Consider the ongoing cost of subscription for cellular functionality.
  3. Ensure usage of Class 10 SD card and remember to format it in the camera’s menu.
  4. Be aware of the mechanical noise if planning to capture shy or easily startled wildlife.
  • 32MP Image / 1296p Video
  • 100ft No Glow Night Vision
  • 940nm No Glow Infrared Technology

7 – Yellowstone.ai 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

Experience seamless wildlife tracking with the Yellowstone.ai 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera, a device designed for real-time monitoring. Once motion is detected, this trail camera swiftly captures 24MP images or 1080p HD videos, transmitting them to your device within a minute.

Utilizing AT&T and T-Mobile towers, it requires a monthly data plan from Yellowstone.ai, starting at an affordable $6.00. Its standout features include invisible night vision, GPS, schedulable operation hours, and a significant motion-detection range.

Despite a few caveats like less bright night pictures and occasional motion misses, its award-winning customer service ensures a satisfying user experience. Its compatibility with T-Mobile alongside its remarkable features, easily places it in our list of top T-Mobile compatible trail cameras.


  • Exceptional customer service with prompt responses and problem-solving.
  • Sturdy build, ensuring durability in outdoor settings.
  • User-friendly setup with comprehensive instructions.
  • Ability to capture high-quality images and videos.
  • Adjustable motion sensitivity settings.
  • Compatible with solar panels for extended use.
  • Multiple data plan options to suit different needs.


  • Night-time image quality might be compromised due to invisible flash.
  • Limited to Yellowstone.ai’s data plans, which can be a bit restrictive.
  • Some users found motion sensitivity too high, causing false triggers.
  • Battery life can be drained quickly with certain settings.
  • Images may sometimes capture subjects off-center.
  • Video settings can rapidly exhaust data and battery life.
  • A higher price point compared to some other trail cameras on the market.

Key Points 

  1. Ensure a strong cellular signal in the area of usage for optimal performance.
  2. Experiment with different sensitivity and resolution settings to balance image quality and data usage.
  3. Consider the recurring cost of data plans and evaluate if the benefits justify the expense.
  4. Setting up the camera with consideration to environmental factors like wind and branch movements can help reduce false triggers.
  5. Customer support is highly reliable for troubleshooting and setup guidance.
  6. Explore additional accessories like solar panels or protection cages for extended and secure deployment.

  • 24MP pictures and 1080p full HD video
  • U.S.-based family business with excellent customer service
  • 940nm No Glow Infrared Technology

8 – GardePro X50 Celluar Trail Camera

The GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera ensures real-time monitoring through AT&T and T-Mobile networks, delivering images instantly or at scheduled intervals. Its unique lite video feature provides a compact video format for understanding the entire event while conserving data, making it more economical compared to picture-only plans.

The swift 0.1s trigger speed and 3 PIR sensors promise accurate capturing, with an adaptive infrared night vision saving up to 75% battery. Manage your WiFi or cellular GardePro cameras via a unified app, and enjoy the time-lapse mode for distant property management.

The flexible, no-contract data plans add to its appeal, making the X50 a reliable choice in our list of top T-mobile compatible trail cameras due to its innovative features and user-friendly management.


  • High resolution and good picture quality.
  • Long battery life, lasting through extreme weather conditions.
  • Fast trigger speed and accurate motion detection.
  • Easy setup and user-friendly app.
  • Reasonable data plans with flexibility.
  • Night time picture and video quality is good when HD is requested.
  • Budget-friendly compared to performance.


  • Clasp might break easily.
  • Connectivity issues requiring frequent resets.
  • Sound might not work in video mode.
  • Picture quality might degrade if not set to HD.
  • Customer service may be unresponsive.
  • Possible issues with video length and recording loop videos.
  • Battery life may reduce significantly with high photo/video capture.

Key Points

  • Ensure to set the camera to HD for better picture and video quality.
  • Be prepared for potential connectivity issues and consider location for setup.
  • Understanding the app and settings is crucial for optimizing performance.
  • Consider purchasing additional accessories like clamps or solar panels for better functionality.
  • 32MP / 1080p
  • Innovative Lite Video Feature
  • 100ft Night Vision

9 – Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera

The Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera makes a worthy inclusion in our list of top T-Mobile compatible trail cameras for its seamless connectivity enabled by Auto Connect technology, and its streamlined, effortless storage solutions.

The built-in and unlimited cloud storage eliminates the need for SD cards, while the self-managing memory auto-clears for new captures ensuring you never miss a moment.

With a top-tier sensor delivering sharp 33MP photos & HD 720p videos, day and night, and an enhanced IR LED setup for clear night captures, the Edge stands out. Its easy setup via QR code scanning, flexible power options, and a reassuring 2-year warranty with U.S.-based support add to its appeal.


  • Great photo quality day and night.
  • Durable battery life, especially with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Easy setup and connectivity with good signal strength.
  • Notifications feature helps in real-time monitoring of wildlife or security.
  • Useful app with weather and moon phase data for hunting.
  • Extended battery life with the right settings.
  • Competitive price point for the features offered.


  • Some users faced connectivity issues requiring manual restarts.
  • Narrow lens range and slow trigger speed compared to other models.
  • Time-lapse feature and test picture functionality can be unreliable.
  • Requires a subscription for full functionality.
  • No offline mode or direct access to internal storage.
  • Some inconsistency in performance across different units.

Key Points:

  • Consider the area and signal strength where you’ll be placing the camera.
  • Be prepared for a subscription fee for cloud storage and app functionality.
  • Explore the app to understand the additional features like weather data which can enhance your hunting experience.
  • If high traffic is expected, investing in an upgraded battery pack could be beneficial.
  • 33MP Photos & HD 720p Videos
  • IR LED Setup Lights Up to 80 feet
  • Built-In & Unlimited Cloud Storage

Key Features to Check for LTE Cellular Trail Camera

When considering what trail cameras work with T Mobile, the first thing that comes to mind is the essential features that make a trail camera worth the investment.

Image Quality

A top-notch image quality is non-negotiable. Look for cameras offering high resolution, clear images both day and night. Features like infrared flash, wide-angle lens, and fast trigger speed ensure you don’t miss any action.

Battery Life

Long battery life is a boon in the wild. Opt for cameras with a reputation for extended battery life, and consider solar-powered options for an eco-friendly choice.

Ease of Setup

No one wants to fiddle around with complicated setups. Choose a camera that’s user-friendly, with a straightforward setup process. The quicker you get it up and running, the sooner you start receiving those stunning wildlife shots.


T-Mobile compatibility is the game-changer here. Ensure the camera has strong cellular connectivity, to keep the images flowing to your device seamlessly.


Ample storage capacity ensures your camera keeps clicking without hiccup. Check for options with expandable storage or cloud storage capabilities.


Lastly, a rugged design to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions is vital. Look for waterproof and dust-proof ratings.

Each feature plays a crucial role, ensuring you get the most out of your T-Mobile compatible trail camera, turning every expedition into a story waiting to be told.

Alternative Network Options

While exploring trail cameras that work with T Mobile, it’s only fair to peek into other networks’ realms. Trail cameras aren’t exclusive to T-Mobile; other networks like Verizon and AT&T also have compatible cameras.

Verizon Compatibility

Verizon’s wide network coverage makes it a strong contender. Cameras like the Browning Defender Wireless scout the woods efficiently on Verizon’s network.

AT&T Compatibility

AT&T isn’t left behind in this race. With cameras like Spartan GoCam, AT&T proves to be a reliable companion for your wilderness ventures.

Every network has its stars; it’s all about finding the one that aligns with your trail cam adventures.

Wrapping Up

Embarking on a journey through the wild with a reliable cellular trail camera by your side transforms every expedition into a story. Whether it’s the rapid trigger of Spypoint, or the vivid 4K video capturing the essence of the wild, each feature of your LTE cellular trail camera plays a pivotal role. While T-Mobile’s extensive network keeps the wilderness a tap away, the robustness of a 4G LTE cellular trail camera ensures nothing escapes your eye.

As you delve into the nuances of cellular connectivity and explore the wilderness through the lens of a trail cam, remember, the wild is full of surprises. Your quest for the perfect trail camera doesn’t end here. Explore our blog on “Exploring the 12 Best Trail Cameras for Security in 2023” to unravel more options, each with unique offerings catering to varied hunting or property security needs. Our comprehensive guide aims to navigate you through the trails of choosing the perfect game camera, making every hunting season count. So, strap on your boots, the wilderness awaits!

FAQ Section

What’s a cellular trail camera?

A cellular trail camera captures and sends photos or videos to your phone via a cellular network like T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon.

Why choose T-Mobile for my cellular trail camera?

T-Mobile offers robust network coverage, ensuring reliable connectivity for your trail camera, especially in remote areas.

How does the SIM card work in a cellular trail camera?

The SIM card connects your trail camera to the cellular network, enabling it to send captured images and videos to your device.

What’s the significance of 4G LTE in a cellular trail camera?

4G LTE ensures fast and reliable data transmission from your trail camera to your phone, enhancing the real-time sharing of wildlife encounters.

How does a game camera differ from a regular camera?

A game camera, also known as a trail camera, is designed to monitor wildlife or game, often featuring motion detection, night vision, and cellular connectivity.

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