Is the Tasco Trail Camera Worth the Hype? A Critical Review

Brief Overview of the Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera Low Glow

The Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera Low Glow is an easy-to-use device that can be used for scouting, hunting and security purposes. As much as it is famous, there is always a lingering question whether if it is worth the hype? As the pricing is comparatively lesser than other trail cam models.

The aim of this review is to provide a comprehensive and objective analysis of the Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera Low Glow. We will delve into the camera’s features, performance, and value for money to assist potential buyers in making an informed decision.

By sharing my insights from personal experiences and observations, we aim to help you deciding if this trail camera is a worthy investment for your wildlife monitoring, hunting, or security needs.

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Why Choose Tasco? 

Tasco, a name that has echoed through the corridors of outdoor gear and hunting equipment, has always been synonymous with reliability and accessibility. But what exactly makes Tasco trail cameras a choice for both seasoned hunters and beginners in the wildlife photography realm?

Firstly, Tasco has always prided itself on providing quality at an affordable price. It’s not just a camera; it’s a tool designed to bring the wild outdoors closer to you, capturing moments unseen in both daylight and the low glow of the night. It’s about making the inaccessible, accessible. Isn’t that what we all seek when venturing into the wild?

Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera

The Specifications: Tasco 8 MP Camera

The Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera Low Glow is equipped with a number of robust features that make it an excellent choice for wildlife monitoring, hunting, or security purposes.

High-Quality Image and Video

With an 8 MP image quality, this camera can capture clear and detailed images during the day. It also provides black and white images during the night, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring.

PIR Motion Sensor

The camera’s PIR motion sensor has a detection range of 20 meters. This means the camera can automatically trigger and capture photos or videos of animals or any movement within this range, ensuring you don’t miss any important moments.

Infrared Flash

The camera features a low glow infrared flash with a range of 15 meters. This allows the camera to capture images even in low light conditions without alerting or scaring off the animals, making it ideal for night-time surveillance.

Versatile Shooting Modes

The camera provides multiple shooting modes, including a 3-Shot Burst or a single shot function. This gives you the flexibility to choose the mode that best suits your monitoring needs.

Ease of Use

The camera is described as easy-to-use, making it suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It’s also compatible with standard SD cards up to 32GB, ensuring ample storage for your photos and videos.

Overall, these specifications make the Tasco 8 MP Megapixel Tan Game Trail Camera Low Glow a reliable and efficient tool for monitoring wildlife, hunting, or securing your property

Comparative Analysis: How Does Tasco Stack Up Against Other Trail Cameras?

In a market flooded with trail cameras, how does Tasco hold its ground?

When compared to other mid-range trail cameras on the market, the 8MP Tasco Low Glow Trail Camera offers decent but not outstanding image quality and trigger speeds, along with standard IR flash and 720p video capabilities.

While serviceable for basic scouting needs, it falls short of premium models in areas like 10+MP images, sub-0.3 second triggers, 80+ foot detection ranges, 1080p+ video, and long 6+ month battery life.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using this trail camera that I’ve observed using it over a year.


  • Very affordable
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides decent daytime image quality
  • Captures usable nighttime images
  • Time and date stamp on photos


  • Lower image quality compared to premium cameras
  • Struggles with images in rain and bright sun
  • Below average nighttime image quality
  • No battery life indicator
  • Video quality is poor

Final Verdict

The Tasco trail camera is best suited for hunters or wildlife enthusiasts who need basic scouting capabilities on a tight budget.

At under $30, it offers decent daytime image quality that allows users to survey deer activity and patterns on their hunting land. The affordable price also makes it less painful if the camera gets damaged or stolen when placed on public lands.

However, the Tasco camera is not recommended for those needing professional-grade images or video. The image quality struggles in low light, rain, and bright sun. The nighttime images are also below average. So for researchers or photographers needing crisp, clear shots, this camera will likely disappoint.

Overall, if you just need a basic trail camera that captures usable daytime images to scout deer and wildlife activity without breaking the bank, the Tasco camera should meet expectations. But more discerning users wanting better night vision performance, video, or reliability should consider investing in a more premium trail camera in the $100-$200 range. The old adage “you get what you pay for” generally applies here. So know your needs and budget before purchasing.

Note: Ensure to check the product availability and current price as it may vary.


Q: What is the Tasco game camera range?

A: The range of a Tasco Trail Cam varies depending on the model, but it is usually up to 80 feet. This can be a crucial factor for potential buyers depending on the area they plan to monitor.

Q: How long do Tasco trail cameras typically last?

A: While the lifespan of Tasco trail cameras can depend on usage and maintenance, they are usually designed to last for several years. Regular firmware updates and proper storage can help extend their lifespan.

Q: What SD card is most compatible with the Tasco game camera?

A: Tasco game cameras typically support standard SD cards with a storage space of up to 32GB. However, it’s always recommended to check the specific model’s user manual or description on Amazon for any specific compatibility details.

Q: Are there any comprehensive Tasco trail camera reviews available on YouTube?

A: Yes, many users and technology channels have posted detailed reviews of Tasco trail cameras on YouTube. These videos often provide handy overviews, unboxing experiences, installation tips, and real-time usage experiences.

Q: Where can I find a thorough description of the features of Tasco Trail Cameras?

A: Complete descriptions of Tasco Trail Cameras can be found on the official Tasco website, the Amazon product listing page, or through various product reviews online.

Q: Can I easily use my first Tasco trail camera without previous experience?

A: Yes, Tasco is known for making its trail cameras easy to use. Even if you haven’t used one before, the user manual provides detailed instructions to help new users.

Q: Where can I see Tasco trail camera customer reviews before making a purchase?

A: Customer reviews for Tasco trail cameras are easily accessible on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, where current owners share their personal experiences and ratings of the device.

Q: Is the Tasco 12 MP game trail camera a good quality product?

A: Yes, the Tasco 12 MP game trail camera is known for its good quality in terms of image capturing, durability, and overall performance. Still, it’s always recommended to check out product reviews and impressions from other users.

Q: Can the Tasco Trail Camera take decent night pictures?

A: Yes, the Tasco trail camera features a low glow game infrared LED system that allows for decent quality capturing during the night or in low light conditions.

Q: Where can I buy a Tasco Trail Camera?

A: Tasco Trail Cameras can be purchased online from their official site or other eCommerce platforms like The availability may vary depending on your location.

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