In-Depth Analysis: Browning Patriot Trail Camera Review 2024

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Browning Patriot Trail Camera Recon Force FHD: A Comprehensive Review

When it comes to trail cameras, Browning is a name that stands out in the industry. Known for their high-quality optics and hunting gear, Browning has established a reputation for delivering top-notch products. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at the Browning Patriot Trail Camera and explore its key features that make it a popular choice among wildlife photographers, hunters, and security enthusiasts.

Overview of the Browning Patriot Trail Camera

The Browning Patriot Trail Camera is one of Browning’s top-of-the-range models, designed to meet the demands of both professional and amateur users. With its impressive resolution and advanced features, this trail camera ensures that you capture high-quality images and videos, whether it’s day or night.

Overview of the Browning Patriot Trail Camera
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SD Card Compatibility

For me, one standout feature of the Browning Patriot is its compatibility with memory cards up to a 512 GB. For someone like me, who hunts in a remote locations without WiFi, this extended storage capacity proves invaluable. With higher capacity, I was able to collect all latest images and videos, which have been a problem with other trail cameras I had used with max storage capacity of 32GB.

Dual Lens Technology

One of the standout features of the Browning Patriot Trail Camera is its unique dual-lens technology . Unlike traditional trail cameras that use a single lens for both daytime and nighttime capture, the Patriot features a separate lens and sensor system for each. This allows for optimal image quality and clarity, regardless of the lighting conditions.

A downside is the wider detection angle – which when combined with exposure to wind and motion and vegetation results in false triggers. If you’re planning to use in open fields, you should make a note to adjust the settings accordingly.

Invisible Infrared Illumination

The Patriot is equipped with no-glow LEDs, which provide infrared illumination without emitting any visible light. This ensures that the camera remains completely discreet, making it ideal for wildlife observation and security purposes.

2 Inch Color Viewing Screen

The Patriot comes equipped with a color viewing screen, making it easy to review and navigate through your captured images and videos. It also adds convenience for camera alignment and quick previews.

Image and Video Quality

The Browning Patriot Trail Camera offers impressive image quality with its 24MP resolution . This high resolution ensures that every detail is captured with precision, whether you’re photographing wildlife or monitoring your property . The daytime photos are sharp and clear, allowing you to see even the smallest details.

The Patriot trail camera is equipped with an infrared night vision camera that provides excellent performance in low-light conditions. The invisible infrared illumination ensures that the camera remains discreet and doesn’t spook animals.

In addition to capturing high-quality images, the Browning Patriot Trail Camera also has a notable advantage is the flexibility of video duration settings, providing more options to tailor the camera’s performance to specific needs.

Image Quality Browning Patriot Trail Camera

Detection and Trigger Speed

The Browning Patriot Trail Camera boasts a fast 0.15-second trigger speed, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Whether it’s a passing deer or a curious raccoon, the camera captures the action in a fraction of a second. It has a flash range of 110 feet and a detection range of 90 feet, allowing you to cover a wide area.

This camera also features Illuma-Smart technology, which automatically adjusts the infrared flash based on the distance of the subject. This ensures that you get optimal image quality, whether the subject is close or far away

Design and Build

The Browning Patriot Trail Camera is built to withstand the elements with its rugged and weatherproof housing. This ensures that the camera remains protected even in harsh outdoor conditions.

In terms of power, the Browning Patriot is a bit more demanding than its smaller counterparts, requiring 8 AA batteries. The size of the camera is also slightly larger, making it less concealable. However, the trade-off in image quality and detection range is significant.


  • Easy to set up and operate, thanks to its user-friendly menu system.
  • Adjustable flash range of 110 feet provides excellent illumination, allowing you to capture clear images even in low-light conditions.
  • SD management feature for overwriting the oldest data on the memory card, ensuring that you always have the latest images and videos stored.
  • Sturdy and durable build quality, with a grippy and rough texture.
  • Wider field of view and dual lenses for day or night pictures.
  • External power source with a 12-volt DC port at the bottom, allowing for extended battery life


  • The night shots may appear blurry if the subject is moving fast
  • No security code to unlock it
  • Had Intermittent shutdowns of the camera. However cleaning all the battery terminals with alcohol provided a quick solution.
  • Noticeable audio interference, such as static noise, on some of the recorded videos.
  • With the Smart infrared feature, night videos are limited to 20 seconds, even with the same settings as daytime videos.

Should You Buy the Browning Patriot Trail Camera?

The Browning Patriot trail camera is suitable for both wildlife enthusiasts and property owners looking for a surveillance tool. Its strong suit lies in its ability to capture high-quality images and videos, both during the day and at night. The camera’s larger viewing screen and wider field of view make it easier for users to capture a broader range of activity.

The camera’s sensitive trigger and fast response time make it ideal for capturing smaller, faster-moving critters, which is a significant advantage for those using it for wildlife observation or hunting. The low IR light seems to be less likely to spook animals, making it a good choice for capturing natural behavior.

For property owners, the camera’s reliability and clear image quality can provide peace of mind and extra security. The camera’s larger size, while not as concealable, may not be a significant concern for those using it for home surveillance.

Overall, the Browning Patriot Trail Camera is a reliable and versatile option for wildlife photography, hunting, and security purposes.


Q: What are the top customer reviews for the Browning Patriot Trail Camera 2024?

A: The Browning Patriot Trail Camera 2024 has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. It is highly regarded for its exceptional picture and video quality, larger viewing screen, and low IR light that doesn’t scare off animals. Its wider field of view, dual lenses for day or night photos, and quick trigger speed are also acclaimed for capturing smaller animals crossing trails.

Q: What items are frequently bought together with the Browning Patriot Trail Camera?

A: The Browning Patriot Trail Camera is frequently purchased with an SD card, which is a must-have to store the photos and videos. Some users also buy an additional external power supply considering the camera’s extended field use and long battery life.

Q: What is the performance of the sensor and lens on the Browning Patriot Trail Camera?

A: The Browning Patriot Trail Camera is a part of the dual lens family of trail cameras, boasting a unique sensor and lens combination for daytime and nighttime use. These lens arrays are specially designed to provide high-quality photos and videos. Daytime captures are in rich color, while the nighttime photos and videos use an invisible IR flash, which is undetectable to wildlife.

Q: Does the Browning Patriot Trail Camera feature an IR flash?

A: Yes, the Browning Patriot Trail Camera features an undetectable IR flash for nighttime photos and videos. It uses invisible infrared illumination, which does not disturb or scare away the wildlife, thus making it a perfect game camera for night observation.

Q: What is the trigger speed of the Browning Patriot Trail Camera?

A: The Browning Patriot Trail Camera has an impressive 0.15 second trigger speed. This allows it to quickly capture moving subjects, making it a highly reliable choice for wildlife photography. Moreover, the camera also offers a 0.35 second picture recovery time for uninterrupted shooting.

Q: Is the Browning Patriot Trail Camera programmable?

A: Yes, the Browning Patriot Trail Camera is programmable. This allows users to customize the camera settings as per their requirements, aiding in capturing high-quality photos and videos, irrespective of the time and conditions.

Q: How long is the battery life of the Browning Patriot Trail Camera?

A: The Browning Patriot Trail Camera offers a long battery life, making it a suitable choice for extended use. However, the actual battery life can vary based on the conditions and settings such as temperature, number of activations, and the type of batteries used.

Q: Is the Browning Patriot Trail Camera suitable for nighttime photos and videos?

A: Yes, the Browning Patriot Trail Camera is uniquely designed for nighttime photos and videos using invisible infrared illumination. With special lens arrays for night use and an undetectable IR flash, it is an ideal choice for nocturnal wildlife observation and documentation.

Q: Who is the Browning Patriot Trail Camera suited for?

A: Given its feature-rich specifications, the Browning Patriot Trail Camera is suitable for professional wildlife photographers, nature enthusiasts, and researchers. It’s excellent for those looking for a game camera that offers high-quality photos and videos, day and night, operates completely undetectable, and offers programmable settings, a long battery life, and a 0.15 second trigger speed.

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